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Russ & Evelyn’s Troutdale Wedding

Russ and Evelyn actually got married ten years ago. They didn’t have a wedding and she’d always wanted one. They decided that, on their tenth anniversary, they would renew their vows and have the real wedding they’d wanted, surrounded by friends and family from here and in Mexico. They have two children, Nathan and Cameron, who celebrated with them.

At first, I thought this was a novel idea for a tenth anniversary, but as the day went on, and their love for each other was apparent in soooo many of the photos I took, I realized that maybe THIS is the most genuine wedding I’ve attended. I mean, anybody can celebrate new love–that’s amazingly beautiful, too. But TEN YEARS? Two kids? Still madly in love? THAT is a reason to celebrate. And believe me, the love was flowing all over this wedding–no only between them, but the kids, the extended family, and all the carefully chosen friends who gathered.

The wedding was held in the charming little town of Troutdale, east of Portland, Oregon. We took photos at the Troutdale House which is situated on a train route, and also down the road at a beautiful wooded location on the Sandy River. As always, here are some photo highlights.

May Russ and Evelyn have many more decades together!

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