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Eric & Chloe’s Engagement Shoot

This is easily one of the funkiest and funnest shoots I’ve done. First of all, Chloe and Eric are awesome. They met each other in the gaming community, so I started out taking a few photos of them doing what they enjoy–gaming. Which turned out to be Chloe tearing it up and Eric getting his butt handed to him.
She’s [...]

Sneak Peek: Lucien & Shannah’s Engagement Session

Just a quick peek of the recent engagement session I shot. These are serious troopers! Our shoot was scheduled smack in the middle of a solar eclipse, it was pouring down rain, muggy, and muddy. Not only that, but I was under the weather (pretty gross to be under!) with a cold. Still, we managed [...]

Sarah and Chris Are Engaged!

I am very excited to be shooting the upcoming wedding of fellow wedding photographer, Sarah Mitzel and her fiance, Chris. The wedding will be in Lake Chelan in May. How perfect!
Sarah and I actually shot a wedding together last year and I met Chris at that time, who was doing video. What a perfect pair–talented, [...]

Julia & Damon ~ Engaged!

It was a dark and stormy Seattle day.
Sounds like the opening to a horror flick, but in all honesty, it’s how Seattle’s weather has been up until about a week or two ago. Julia and Damon are getting married in two months, so we didn’t want to put their engagement shots off any longer, so [...]

Lis & Jeff Are Engaged!

I worked with Lis a few years ago and have kept somewhat in touch over the years. She’s a wonderful person and I was excited to hear she’d found a really wonderful guy, Jeff. When she asked me to photograph their upcoming beach wedding, I was thrilled! I can’t hardly wait to capture them tying [...]

Rebecca & Scott Get Engaged!

One word to describe Rebecca and Scott: silly.
I love this couple and cannot wait to photograph their wedding in April. They are absolutely adorable in every way, and I love how they interact with one another and get silly together. It’s great to have caught some of their “moments” of ridiculousness.
We lucked out [...]

Rick & Kirsty’s Engagement Session!

It’s hard to describe the love I have for this particular couple. First of all, Rick has been a great friend of mine for years, and we’ve even collaborated on some projects together. Which is why, when he told me that he was going to marry his long-time girlfriend, Kirsty, I just about jumped out [...]

Sneak Preview: Rick & Kirsty

I normally don’t do a lot of “sneak previews” (which is something I should probably change!) but I couldn’t resist this one because we did their engagement session yesterday and their wedding is tomorrow. Since it was an unusually short window, I thought I’d share just a couple of my favorite images from the day.
Since [...]

Melissa & Brian in Old Issaquah

We met in downtown Issaquah (my home town!) for some nature shots and some vintage cars photos. They were so much fun to photograph. They constantly laughed with each other and seemed very comfortable in front of the camera. Well, except for one point when Melissa was posing next to him and said “Are you [...]

Alex and Rachel Are Engaged!

One thing I can say about Alex and Rachel is this: they have fun together. When I first met up with them at Cafe Zoka in Seattle, we were laughing already. Alex is hilarious and Rachel plays along with all the silly stuff that Alex wanted to do for photos. What a great couple!! It’s [...]