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An Exciting Update

It’s been a long while since we’ve updated our blog. Part of that is because we’ve been extremely busy and blogging became a much lower priority than the business and creative end of things. That said, we recognize the importance of not only sharing our work, but also putting our clients in the spotlight. They are the reason we’re here!

We’ve decided to kick it up a notch and are in the middle of rebranding and redesigning our entire portfolio site with a new blog format. We plan to relaunch in July 2015. In the meantime, we are still shooting weddings under “Studio Baisa” and are available for hire. Here are just a few highlights from some recent weddings we’ve photographed. Enjoy!

Jen & Jenny

A couple of years ago, I was asked to take the first “couples photos” of Jen and Jenny together, which I was honored to do. Since then, same-sex marriage has become legal in the State of Washington (I love my state!) and they went off and go married in December! Today is their wedding for friends and family and I’ll be heading up their shortly.

I have a lot of love for this couple and wish them a long and happy marriage!

The Wedding of Marc & David and Debbie & Janet

When my friend Marc called and asked me to shoot his wedding, I was delighted and deeply honored. He and his husband David have been together for 14 years, and already had a big wedding ten years ago, so this was just going to be a tiny, intimate affair. Although I’ve only known them for a few shorts years, to me they have always been married, legal or not. No law (or lack of one) can undo the years of work they’ve put into their relationship. However, Washington State finally made same-sex marriage legal a few months ago, and so they decided they would finally make it legal.

I did not know, until the day of, that this was to be a double wedding. The two couples–Marc & David and Debbie & Janet–had decided all along, that if it ever become legal, the pairs of friends would have a wedding together. What a fantastic tribute to their friendship!

Debbie and Janet have been together over 20 years, and also had a wedding a number of years ago. They have two kids, who were both there to witness their parents’ official wedding. Not a dry eye there. Wine and champagne flowed, and afterward, a seven-course wine-paired meal, made by the ever-delightful Chef Lisa Nakamura of Allium on Orcas Island.

I am honored to have been there to capture the highlights of the day and am sharing a few of my favorites with you here.

Shannah & Lucian’s Seattle Wedding!

Shannah and Lucian got married at Seattle’s Golden Gardens, a beach and park oasis at the north end of town, on the Puget Sound. There is beach grass, sand, trees, water, and so on. It’s a fantastic place to take a variety of wedding photos. The ceremony was outdoors, very close to the beach, and was perhaps a bit too windy, as Shannah’s veil was a slightly unwieldy. (I particularly love the shot below, of her new brother-in-law holding her veil still while she kisses her groom!) The reception, full of Celtic-style dancing, was held in the old Bathhouse at the same park, a lovely brick and wood structure.

Here are some of the highlights from their gorgeous wedding!

Chloe and Eric’s Wedding

Chloe and Eric’s wedding was fantastic. The day started downtown Seattle at their hotel, with photos at Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill, and then on to the venue, the Palace Ballroom. Since he works at Xbox and she is also a gamer, their wedding was game-themed. In fact, they did not even know what the ceremony was going to entail until they walked down the aisle; their friends wrote and executed the script. ;)

The reception was lovely, more games being played and an actual Xbox lounge for people to play during the party. Honestly, they are one of the most fun couples I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and they really made this wedding theirs, down to the last detail.

As always, here is a gallery of a few select images from the day.

Sneak Preview: Chloe and Eric

Here is just a really quick sneak preview from the wedding day of Chloe and Eric, who got married in Seattle at the
Palace Ballroom. A full blog post with more photos will follow in another week or two!

Russ & Evelyn’s Troutdale Wedding

Russ and Evelyn actually got married ten years ago. They didn’t have a wedding and she’d always wanted one. They decided that, on their tenth anniversary, they would renew their vows and have the real wedding they’d wanted, surrounded by friends and family from here and in Mexico. They have two children, Nathan and Cameron, who celebrated with them.

At first, I thought this was a novel idea for a tenth anniversary, but as the day went on, and their love for each other was apparent in soooo many of the photos I took, I realized that maybe THIS is the most genuine wedding I’ve attended. I mean, anybody can celebrate new love–that’s amazingly beautiful, too. But TEN YEARS? Two kids? Still madly in love? THAT is a reason to celebrate. And believe me, the love was flowing all over this wedding–no only between them, but the kids, the extended family, and all the carefully chosen friends who gathered.

The wedding was held in the charming little town of Troutdale, east of Portland, Oregon. We took photos at the Troutdale House which is situated on a train route, and also down the road at a beautiful wooded location on the Sandy River. As always, here are some photo highlights.

May Russ and Evelyn have many more decades together!

Eric & Chloe’s Engagement Shoot

This is easily one of the funkiest and funnest shoots I’ve done. First of all, Chloe and Eric are awesome. They met each other in the gaming community, so I started out taking a few photos of them doing what they enjoy–gaming. Which turned out to be Chloe tearing it up and Eric getting his butt handed to him.

She’s Canadian, he’s American, and they have a crazy-manic-adorable dog named Cthulhu. The two of them are already married (the civil ceremony was earlier this year), but their actual wedding isn’t until August. So, this was kind of a pre-wedding/engagement shoot. Except that they are married. And they wore their civil ceremony wedding clothes. To the dog park. In the pouring rain. Where it was muddy.

Oh, just see for yourself! This was one super-awesome shoot, and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in a couple of months!

Sneak Peek: Lucien & Shannah’s Engagement Session

Just a quick peek of the recent engagement session I shot. These are serious troopers! Our shoot was scheduled smack in the middle of a solar eclipse, it was pouring down rain, muggy, and muddy. Not only that, but I was under the weather (pretty gross to be under!) with a cold. Still, we managed a really lovely shoot in the heart of Seattle’s Arboretum, down the stunning Azalea Alley. I’m already looking forward to shooting their wedding in August; it’s going to be spectacular!

Here’s a quick sneak peek of the engagement session!

Sarah and Chris ~ A Lake Chelan Wedding

Chris and Sarah got married in the small town of Manson, WA on Lake Chelan next to a little orchard. It was an extremely intimate affair, and due to high winds and inclement weather, it got even more intimate by moving everyone indoors to a small space. It didn’t matter, though. There was so much love between them, among friends and family, and surrounding them. They could have gotten married in a dumpster and it would have been beautiful!

This wedding is probably in my top two or three weddings I’ve shot in the last couple of years. Truly a lovely and unusual location, I loved the decor of the house, there was a wonderful group of people there, and they were just about the best bride and groom EVER. It was truly an honor to capture their big day.

As always, here are the highlights!